Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 Weeks after my gall bladder operation

It's now been 2 weeks since I had my gall bladder removed and to look at me you wouldn't know I'd had the operation. I feel fine, the scars have all healed, I'm not in any pain and more importantly I can eat normally again.

The only minor issue I have is fitness. 4 weeks ago I came down with pancreatitis and together with my operation I haven't had a lot of exercise. This has been evident to me over the last week when I've been getting out of breath just walking up stairs.

Because of this I've been on a few walks and been to the gym a few times hitting the treadmill and cross trainer. I was even able to start running again yesterday and already feel better.

The keyhole surgery was pretty amazing consider what they did through just a few small incisions and the healing was so much quicker. I think being fairly fit before the op must have helped too.

Anyway, if you're having doubts about the operation I can only pass on my experience and say it really isn't a problem and I'm certainly in better shape than before the op.

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