Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two days after my operation

Following on from my previous post about stomach pains I was booked in to have my gall bladder removed on Thursday 27th May. This was planned to be a keyhole surgery called a laparoscopic cholysystectomy.

Surgery went well and I was allowed home the following morning at about 11am, I had the op at 17:30 the previous day. The operation went very well and I even have a vial with 2 stones about 7mm in diameter that caused al my issues.

I'm coming up to 48hrs after the op now and when I'm not moving am not in any pain at all however walking, standing etc hurt in my stomach and strangely my shoulders. This is apparently due to the gas they use to inflate the stomach to see the organs. Some always gets trapped in the stomach cavity and as you stand it finds the highest ground. It's supposed to get absorbed within 48 hrs.

I have 5 x 1" cuts in my abdomen and belly button that have all been glued with sub-cutaneous stitches and only one of these is slightly tender. Apart from that and sore shoulder I think I've got off quite lightly.

Katie has been great waiting on me hand and foot and is going on a well deserved holiday on Monday for a few days, I don't think I'm up to it so will be staying at home looking after myself.

Hopefully this will now see the end of the problems I've had, fingers crossed.

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