Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009 and Best Wishes for 2010

This seems as good a medium as ever to wish everyone that knows me and my family a Very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable and prosperous New Year.

I know some people hate electronic or new media Christmas wishes, they feel it takes no effort, is lazy etc. While I understand this, I disagree. This gives me a chance to get to a wider audience and include people I wouldn’t ordinarily remember to contact.

It’s because of the Internet I’ve got back in touch with so many old friends and made some new ones.

Lets be honest, if I took the time to go to the shops, buy some cards, take them home, work out a list, write the cards, address them, put stamps on them, post them etc, what do you do with it?

You open, read it, say “ooh that’s nice”, put it in a big pile with all the others you’ve got and them throw them away in the new year. Pretty wasteful if you ask me.

So I’m taking the money I’ve saved and adding some more and making a donation of £50 to the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham instead of wasting it on Christmas cards. I’m sure you agree that’s a much better use of my money.

Where was I before I went off on one? Ah yes.

2009 coming to an end already, this seems the fastest year yet. We’ve all been incredibly busy this year doing lots of decorating following last years extension. Both the girls have fantastic bedrooms now and I have a rather stylish study, Katie still has her downstairs toilet. Just the bathroom, kitchen, landing, stairs and old dining room to do and we’re finished!

I’ve trained for and passed my Institute of Advanced Motorists bike test. The girls are both doing very well at school and are growing up fast. Rhian has joined the Air Cadets and I’ve joined as a Civilian Instructor. We had such a great summer holiday this year that we’ve booked again for next year, but this time for 3 (yes three!) weeks.

Hey, it’s my 40th year too next year so why not?! Speaking of 40, WTF! so soon? 2010 is going to be a big year for most of the people I went to school with as we’ll all be hitting the big four oh at some point next year. I plan to celebrate it with a gathering of some description, not sure what yet but keep the weekend around May 21st free.

The weight maintenance has been tough and I’ve put 1 stone back on (I did overshoot my target weight by over a stone don’t forget!) but am still within 6lbs of my target weight of 16st 4lbs which being one year on from introducing food I’m very happy with.

Anyway, there’s a big pile of Christmas food and drink with my name on it (not as big a pile as fatter Steve would have had!) so I best wrap this up (pardon the pun)

So from myself, Katie, Rhian and Kira,

Have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy yourselves, be merry, be careful and laugh lots.

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