Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whoosh, where is the year going!?

I can’t believe we’re already into September and I’ve hardly updated my blog this year. To be fair I’ve been updating twitter fairly frequently and you can see those posts over on the right.

A lot has happened this year. I’m still just about maintaining my weight and the last few weeks have been my worst with me not being very good and eating a bit too much and drinking a bit too. It started on holiday where I put on about 5lbs over a fortnight and then haven’t reigned it back in. I’ve also not done a huge amount of exercise either.

Currently I’m at 16st 10lbs and want to be between 16st and 16st 4lbs so have a bit to shift. It’s so easy to go off the rails though and temptation is all around. I know losing the weight is fairly easy as I can still eat a lot and lose weight however my issue is and always was late night snacking.  Getting bored and hitting the kitchen rather than bed.


We had a great fortnight in Lanzarote in August and for the first time in years we had 2 weeks with no rain, average temperatures were 30 degrees every day and our most difficult decision was beach or pool :-) We hadn’t been to the island since 2000 when Rhian was 4 and Kira was 9 months and this was their first foreign holiday since then and they both loved it.

We loved it so much we’re going back next year for 3 weeks (well it is my 40th birthday next year!) We’re going to risk the wrath of the schools by taking them out of school for a week at the end of the Summer term as it means we’re going for 3 weeks for less than the cost of 2 weeks this year.

Old Friends

Over recent weeks I’ve hooked up with some old friends and this has bought back old memories, some were very fond. In particular I’ve been reminded of the good times I used to have in the Air Cadets (ATC). Coincidentally Rhian has shown an interest in joining so I took her down to the local squadron a few weeks ago and she decided to join. I also decided to join as a Civilian Instructor. I figured I got a lot out of it so it seems fair to see if I can give something back. I have the opportunity to get involved in most subjects and the ATC will train me where necessary.

I need to be mindful of the fact I should not “cramp” Rhian’s style and embarrass her in any way. I know there were lots of things we did at cadets that I wouldn’t have wanted my parents involved in. She needs to be allowed to grow on her own.

Rhian’s a little overwhelmed with it  all at the moment and still doesn’t know many people and the whole uniform, discipline and drill side of things will take a bit of getting used too. However, she’s started and picked up her “green” uniform on Friday and we bought her boots today. She looks very grown up and I was very proud seeing her in it.


Since April, I’ve been training to take my Advanced Motorcycle Test with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). This has involved me having about 5 or 6 “observed” rides where I get followed by an observer who then critiques my riding at regular intervals. I’ve learnt a massive amount from this and I feel I have improved my riding drastically.

After my last ride, my observer announced I was “test ready”! I have since applied for my advanced test and am taking it on Wednesday Sept 23rd at 09:30, scary stuff indeed.

I’ll update here with the result.

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