Sunday, June 21, 2009

I’m still here!

Despite not updating the blog for over 3 months I’m still here. No excuses, just not occurred to me to update. There’s been lots going on and I’ll try and update everything here. I’ve been updating on twitter fairly regularly.


I’m now almost a year into the LighterLife journey (I started on July 4th 2008) and am maintaining my weight within 1/2 stone. Currently at 15st 10.25 and have peaked at 16st 5lbs. As long as I stay within a few lbs of 16st I’ll be happy.

I do have to be careful what I eat as I now suffer with very bad indigestion. Whether this is related to the diet or not I don’t know but it is very painful when it happens and  has mostly been happening when I’ve eaten a lot of food late at night. The doctor gave me a course of acid reducers which helped but as soon as I stopped it came back worse than ever.

I now have an hospital appointment on July 7th for an endoscopy to take a look inside me to see if they can see what’s causing it. I’m hoping it’s just something simple but have made the mistake of researching on the net and seen what it could be. Apparently stomach cancer or oesophagus cancer are possibilities but very rare. Fingers crossed it’s something simple but the more serious stuff is always in the back of my mind now. Especially as I have a permanent pain in my stomach that nothing seems to touch. It gets worse whenever I eat too.


I did a BikeSafe day back in April with the Surrey Police to give me a glimpse into advanced riding and have my riding critiqued. The aim of the day was to give me 1 second of time when riding to be able to respond to hazards. After a very long and tiring day I got home buzzing with information overload and really enjoyed it.

So much so that I’ve taken it further and joined the Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists and am working towards my IAM Advanced Motorcycling test. This involves taking a number of observed rides and making sure I ride to the system used by police motorcyclists. I’ve had 2 observed rides so far and expect to have another couple before I’m ready for the test.

I’ve also just got back from a long weekend away with some friends riding down to Germany and spending a few days riding around the Rhine and Mosel valley. Fantastic roads. Lots of twisties and hairpins and I have to confess to coming off my bike on a slow left hand hairpin. No damage apart from to my pride as I messed up the corner but you live and learn.


The extension was completed months ago now but we’re still in a state of turmoil in the house. The living room and dining room have been finished but we’ve still not moved everything back from Katie’s Mum’s yet. The study is abut 85% decorated now and has had a new skim of plaster, new skirting and coving. Lots of the stuff from the study is currently in our old dining room.

The next room to do is Rhians bedroom and the plasterer is coming at the beginning of August so we’ve got to get her room emptied and stripped before then. Seems to be never ending.

Other Stuff

We’re  all looking forward to 2 weeks in Lanzarote from August 6th. Because of the foul weather on last years camping holidays we booked 2 weeks in the sun this year and have had tantalising glimpses of sun while we were on holiday at the end of May that has got us all excited. Katie’s booked me a legroom seat on the plane so that's one less thing to worry about too. As the kids are now older (it’s been nearly 10 years since we last went) we’re hoping for a more chilled and relaxing holiday. For once, I could easily do a few week lazing by the pool and on the beach.

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