Saturday, February 07, 2009

LighterLife Update – End of Route To Management

I’ve finished!

The journey I started on July 4th 2008 finished on Thursday after the additional 12 weeks of route to management and now I’m a  free man.

I still  have to be very careful and I don’t want to undo all the good work I’ve done but I learnt the hard way last weekend that I can’t take my eye off the ball even for one minute.

We went away last weekend and I managed to put on 5lbs in just a few days of not watching portion sizes, having a few beers etc. Luckily I can control it at the moment and have already lost 1/2 of that but it was still a wake up call. To be honest it was a kick op the arse I needed to point out I still have to be careful as I have lapsed a few times over recent weeks but  the lapses haven’t shown up on the scales so I been under the illusion I’ve been able to get away with it.

Anyway I still have a lot to learn and will still be going back to my LighterLife counsellor  every few weeks to keep on track and get weighed.

Total weight lost (and maintained for the last 5 weeks) is 8 stone, waist (actual) has dropped from 50” to 37”, chest dropped from 50” to 42”, trouser size dropped from 44”  to 36”.

I feel fitter, healthier and much happier. I’ve been back at the gym a few times and been back to my spinning classes and have had so much energy, I even jogged for a bit at the gym the other day, something I’ve never done before. I’m slowly starting to tone up and still want to bulk up a little bit and would still like to put on a few pounds. I’m currently at 15st 6.5lbs and want to be between 16st and 16st 4lbs (BMI 25)

One thing I was surprised about with this diet is the cost. Not the £66 per week while on abstinence as I was fully aware of that before I started but the additional costs. Mostly new clothes. I’ve replaced most of my wardrobe at least once, sometimes as many as 3 times.

My head has shrunk so I’ve needed a smaller motorcycle helmet and all my biking gear is far too big so that all needs replacing too. I had to buy a completely new winter wardrobe and coat and in total I think the weight loss has cost me an addition £1000+, on top of the nearly £2000 for the actual diet itself the cost racks up. BUT, and it’s a big but, I’d do it again…in a heartbeat.

The weight loss has made such a big difference it is money very well spent. I’ve also had some unexpected side effects from the weight loss. I had a small patch of psoriasis on the back of my head for at least 10 years that has completely gone now. I’ve not had anywhere near as many back strains and my knees don’t hurt as much. I’m sleeping better and generally feel much better about myself.

Anyone thinking about doing this weight loss program should do their research to check it’s right for them and then do it. It works.

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