Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back on the mountain bike

For the first time in probably 18 months I got out on my mountain bike this morning for a very cold 10.5 mile ride around the area.

The bike was fine, just needed a wipe down, some air in the tyres, some oil on the chain and cables and some batteries for the cycle computer.

I have a slight disadvantage where I live in that a bike ride either has to start or end with a hill climb. Today's started with a 1.5 mile descent and that was bloody freezing. I had to cover my face part way down the hill due to brain freeze, it was 0 degrees outside so I wasn’t too shocked.

Considering I haven’t been on a push bike for such a long time I was very pleased how easy I found it, spinning obviously helps a lot here but road riding is a lot harder. I was able to stand during all the hill climbs and motor down the hills. It was still icy around the kerbs but I stayed on. I also beat my best time for this ride by about 8 minutes. I did it in 57 minutes today where my previous best was about 1hr 5mins in my 23st days. So I expect this to come down even more.

Even though it was so cold I enjoyed it much more than an hour at the gym so I plan to keep this up.

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