Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whoosh…where did the time go?

It’s been a crazy few weeks and I’ve let updating my blog slide so here’s a well overdue post.


I’m now on week 10 of Route To Management and this week is introducing cheese back into my diet. Of all the weeks, this week and next week (bread) are the 2 I was expecting to be triggers for me craving food. I had some cheese over Christmas when I shouldn’t have and had terrible indigestion for most of Christmas Eve evening so am a little cautious on having some this week.

Recent weeks with cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice etc have been fine with no problems. I continued to lose weight on RTM up until week 8 and then slowly started putting it back on. My lowest weight was 14st 13 3/4lbs between Christmas and New year and now I’m up to 15st 5lbs. I’m still just under a stone where I want to be so am expecting it to go back up slowly. I’m on 3 meals a day now and just one pack and  I’ve worked out  that to maintain 16st 4lbs at my height I need to be having around 3000 calories per day.

Overall I have found RTM to be quite tough and fighting of the cravings has been very hard. The “voices” can be quite loud sometimes :-o

House Extension

We managed to get the majority of the work completed before Christmas and was able to move back into our new living room with it’s nice new wooden floor and new fireplace. It’s a shame we’ve got to ruin the nice clean grown up looking room by moving all the family crap back into in with bookcases and pictures cluttering everything up :-) Katie’s documented a lot of the build with lots of photos on her blog at

There’s still a few little odd jobs for the builders to do and we’ve probably done 90% of the decorating for the new build and will then have to make good all the other rooms that were “touched” by the building works. This includes the bathroom, study and kitchen.

We also got a new garage door fitted on Friday which was a relief to me as it’s been stuck since before Christmas and I’ve not been able to get my motorbike out. Although to be honest it’s been so bloody cold I’m not sure I would have got much time on it anyway.


Has come and gone (no sh*t sherlock!). Because of all the decorating work we didn’t really have the big build up to Christmas this year and only really got settled on the 23rd. I got my early Christmas present then of a new plasma TV and Blu-Ray player. Wow! movies in HD are pretty amazing and Wall-E was put on about 4 or 5 times over the festive season as we showed off the TV to visitors (of which we had many who all wanted a nose at the new extension)

Christmas Day was spent with friends and Katies Mum, Sister (and partner) and her daughter and I cooked again but this time at Katies Mums house. I’ve also learnt never to cook in someone elses kitchen as they never want to leave you alone. I’ve managed fine in my own kitchen for the last few years but was constantly “monitored” this year. It turned out OK with the exception of some burnt yorkshire puddings and a burn on my wrist which is only just clearing up now.


I had just under 2 weeks off at Christmas and started the New Year feeling refreshed as we decided to have a break from the decorating. Work is keeping me very busy and it’s quite an interesting time for someone in IT as there are a huge amount of technology changes that can benefit most businesses and help maintain costs and sometimes bring them down.

We’ve moved into virtualisation in a big way at work and it seems that with the benefit of hindsight this was a very good move as everyone seems to be doing it now and we’re seeing the benefits big time. I think, like most businesses we’ll see things slow down this year but I think we’re well positioned and have the foundations to ride it out.

We’ve got our now regular January break booked for the end of Jan when we take a weekend away somewhere. This helps us get through the post Christmas lull by giving us something to look forward to that’s only a few weeks away. We’re going back to the Isle of Wight to stay at a pub we visited during our May trip last year.

We’ve got more decorating to do and we also plan to re-fit our ailing kitchen too. Hopefully we won't be spending every weekend doing this but it needs doing desperately and all the new building and decorating has made the kitchen look very tatty. Plus it’s made the Kitchen darker so we’ll need a new window fitted as well.

Our new leather sofa should be turning up in the next week or so and once that’s in we’ll start “furnishing” the living room with pictures, bookcases, storage etc. We’ve still got a lot of our house contents in Katies Mums garage so this has to come back into the house as well but this will be once my study (Kiras old bedroom) gets decorated.

This year sees us going abroad for the first first time in 9 years for a holiday and we’re going back to Lanzarote to hopefully get some sunshine following last years washout camping trip. We’ve still to decide what we’re going to do during the May holiday when we would typically go camping for a week somewhere.

I plan on going for another motorbike trip at the beginning of May with Garan and we’ve provisionally said we’ll go down to the west country and tour around Devon and Cornwall for a long weekend (last years 9 day trip was too long, but great fun!)

I’m going to get my pushbike dusted off this year as I don’t think I rode it at all last year and definitely going to exercise more (going to the gym in the morning and spinning on Monday!) All of this is a lot easier now that a) I’m much lighter and b) now got more energy as I’m back on carbs again.

Anyway, that’s enough waffle for now, I’ll be posting regularly again from now on and aim to at least match the number of posts I made last year which was my highest number for 3 years (mostly thanks to the LighterLife updates)

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