Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RTM Weeks 3 & 4

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but it’s been so hectic at the moment I barely have time to think. What with the house extension reaching a climax, Rhians birthday, preparing for Christmas etc I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

Anyway, good news and bad news with the RTM progress and both are related. I’m still losing weight and am now way below where I want to be. Week 3 was a 0.9lb loss so I thought I’d got the balance right and then last week was another 2lb loss. This brings me to a total of 8st 1lb lost! I should be over the moon.

Now because of this I have been upping and upping my protein levels with each meal and really hope I’ve kept it in check at my weigh in tomorrow. This is also the reason for the bad news. I lapsed! For the first time since I started I knowingly eat something I shouldn’t have. I kept telling myself I’m now too light and need to put a stone back on and before I knew it I had eaten 2 chocolate bars. Stupid I know and I immediately felt guilty, that I let myself down. Good news is that I was able to spot it and realise why I did what I did and hopefully keep tabs on the crooked thinking in future. But this is really hard.

Food wise I’ve been living mostly on stir-frys with lots of herbs and spices and loving it. Our new George Foreman grill gets a daily workout and makes it very easy to grill chicken or turkey breasts. This week I was able to introduce alcohol and disappointingly I had a headache the following morning after just one scotch. I tried it the next day and had the same effect. So while I’m not going to announce I’m teetotal I am going to say I can take it or leave it.

We’ve got Christmas next week and I’m really looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner again and I’ll be able to eat most of the main meal with the exception of peas, potatoes and the usual gravy but will be able to have turkey, bacon, carrots, swede, sweet potato and a glass of wine. Katie’s bought me a small Christmas pudding to have when I’ve finished RTM in the new year. I’m happy with that.

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