Tuesday, December 02, 2008

RTM Week 2 – Can things get any more hectic?!

I’ve lost enough weight now and don’t want too lose any more. I never thought I’d say that out loud! But that’s the curious position I find myself in at the moment. I want to follow the LighterLife Route To Management to the letter but am still losing weight, another 4.4lbs this week! That’s over 9lbs since starting RTM, more than I was doing while in abstinence. I was expecting to keep losing at the same rate as before, not see it accelerate. My counselor has suggested increasing my daily intake of protein to slow it down.

That aside, it’s not the end of the world and I will put weight back on but in a controlled way so I’m going to follow RTM for the 12 weeks and then see where I stand at the end. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and while I still have a pot belly (albeit a lot smaller) I am very skinny around the shoulders and ribs. Because of this I am increasing the intensity of my workouts at the gym and going for muscle building all over as well as aerobic.

The RTM itself is going fine and this week has introduced some fruit and lean red meat too as well a diet soft drinks. I’m really enjoying the crunchy veg and salads and am very partial now to raw mushroom. I’ve been mostly having a chicken breast, a scrambled egg and some lean bacon with my salad, delicious!

I’m also enjoying satsumas, apples and grapes as snacks during the day. I’ve tried diet cokes a few times and while I now find it very sweet it’s a nice change after months of nothing but water.

For the first time in months, food is not the main thing on my mind at the moment.  Last week was extremely hectic at work and at home we’re getting close to the completion of our extension (see Katie’s blog for details) and are having to spends lots of money now on decorating supplies, floors, sofas, fireplaces etc.

Christmas is taking a back seat too, we don’t have room for the Christmas tree as we’re  living in the dining room and no one’s really put any thought into presents. I think Katie and I are giving each other an extension :-)

And then next week Rhian turns 13. I’m going to have a teenage daughter. That’s scary!

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