Saturday, October 25, 2008

One “L” of a shopping trip

I had a very successful clothes shopping trip this afternoon when I went looking for a new winter coat. All my jackets and fleeces are now far to big and as the temperature is set to drop even further by the end of the week I needed to buy a new coat.

In the first shop I decided to try a body warmer and resisted the urge to go straight for the XXL, or even the XL and tentatively tried on a Large instead…and it fitted :-) I was so pleased. This from a man who had XXXL t-shirts , jumpers and coats before starting the diet.

I went into M&S and was spoilt for choice as everything fitted. The only problem was a  problem I’ve always had with some clothes stores. In order to get something long enough in the body and arms (6’ 8” tall remember!) I needed to buy a larger size. This was true today in that all the Large sizes fitted around my chest fine but were a little short in the arms.

Anyway I found a nice coat in XXL that is very modern and stylish (something I’ve not been for years). To further round of the trip I bought a few more Large sweaters from Debenhams and a couple of items from Next. I’m not used to being able to fit into things off the peg in the high street or not automatically going for the largest size they have. Great for the morale! :-)

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