Friday, October 17, 2008

LighterLife end of week 15 report

This week’s been quite hectic and for the first time in ages the diet has not been at the forefront of my mind. I was up in London on Monday working and then in the evening at the O2 seeing a gig and the rest of the week has just flown by. We’ve been busy at work and at home with the extension going on.

Anyway 2 more big milestones were passed with this weeks loss of 3.8lbs. I’ve now lost exactly 6 stone (84lbs) since starting the diet and I’ve also lost more than 25% of my original body weight. I have just 1st 4lbs to go to target before starting route to management, I think that will equate to 5 more weeks of abstinence and starting RTM on the 6th week but I’ve come this far so don’t need to rush it.

I can see how people abandon the program at this stage when they’re so close to target as I’ve been having very mixed feelings this week. People keep telling me I’m looking good, I’ve lost a massive amount of weight, I’d love to start eating some normal food again. It would be so easy to stop now and say I’ve already done enough but I fear if I don’t follow it though to it’s planned conclusion then I may as well not have bothered. Anyone can give up but it takes resolve to tough it out.

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