Thursday, October 02, 2008

LighterLife – end of Week 13 – I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

This week has been much better on the diet and I think the salt reduction has helped. I’ve also managed to increase my water intake to 5 litres per day.

Weight loss this week was 4.8lbs which is great for this stage of the diet. Total loss now is 76.9 lbs and means I have just under 2 stones to go now :-)

I got the feeling tonight that my counselor thinks I’m ready for route to management but I don’t. All along I wanted to get to a “healthy” BMI of 25 which for me is 16st 4lbs. Tonight I was told again that the healthy BMI for a man is now thought to be 27. I’ve not read that anywhere else so I’m not convinced.

I’ve also been repeatedly told that waist measurement is a better health indicator for men and that anything under 38” is considered healthy. Now while my trousers are currently 40” now and soon to be 38” my real waist measurement is still 45”

No, I’ve decided, I’ve come all this way and stuck to the program religiously and had a target of BMI since day one and I’m going to get there. Only then will I start route to management and get back down to the gym and start toning up what’s been left behind.

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