Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tough week on the diet

Following last weeks low weight loss I've had a really tough week with the diet. I've been on a course all week which has meant trying to get all my water down me has been tricky as constantly getting up to leave the classroom is a bit awkward. I've stuck with it and managed 3.5-4 litres a day but I'm sure that's not enough.

I also feel heavy and bloated and without going in to too much detail I feel quite, erm, "blocked". I guess that's another side effect of the diet, there's not much bulk in it even though there's apparently enough fibre.

Anyway the scales at home this morning are showing another pathetically low loss which is very discouraging and if the weigh in tonight confirms this then I'll seriously think about whether I want to continue. There's no point making such sacrifices in this diet if there's no loss. I can do 2lb a week on any other diet and still eat normal food!

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