Thursday, September 04, 2008

LighterLife end of week 9

My weigh in tonight was very disappointing with just 2.6lbs lost in a week. That’s my lowest loss so far on LighterLife and I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t disappointed me.

I’ve not done anything different so I guess it must just be one of those things so hopefully it will be back to normal next week. I might try increasing my water to 5l a day as I’ve struggled over the weekend to get it all down. It’s a lot harder during the weekends to keep track of what I’m drinking so I might try laying out 5l of water in 5x1l bottles so at least I have a very obvious indicator of how much I’ve drunk.

Total loss so far is 57.9lbs, just over 4 stones. I’ve got to look at this as just a blip and not get too down about it.

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