Thursday, September 25, 2008

LighterLife – end of week 12

Loss tonight was 3.7lbs which is OK. It’s definitely slowing now but I’m used to that. If I want to lose quicker I need to do some exercise, maybe some cycling or swimming. It makes sense as I’m going to be burning much less in the way of calories now that I’m so much lighter.

A big milestone was also passed this week as I went through the 5 stone/70 lb mark with a total loss of 72.1lbs in 12 weeks. We also had new measurements taken which are below, starting measurements are in brackets:

Chest: –1” to 44” (50”)
Waist: –1” to 45” (50”)
Hips: stayed at 46” (51”)

Amount to target: 2 stone 1.9 lbs, should take about 7-8 weeks and then I’ll start route to management.

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