Friday, September 26, 2008

Could this be why my weight loss has slowed?

I’ve been thinking yesterday and today about my diet and what I’ve changed recently and if there’s anything I’m doing that may be causing the slow down apart from the obvious - less me less calories burnt.

Anyway I’ve been totting up what I have along with my packs (3 packs and a bar) and I think I’m having too much salt. The maximum recommended daily allowance is 6g per day for an adult.

So I did some sums.

On a normal day I will have one bar and either 2 soups and a shake or 2 shakes and a soup. I add a lot of Tabasco sauce to each soup to give them some “zing” and I’ve also started adding a teaspoon of Swiss Vegetable Boullion (this is the equivalent of the LighterLife Savoury drink but at a fraction of the price) – you’re allowed 2 teaspoons of this per day.

1 shake contains 0.4g sodium
1 soup contains 0.43g sodium
1 bar contains 0.35g sodium

The boullion contains 0.9g sodium per 5g (1 teaspoon?)
1 teaspoon of Tabasco sauce contains 0.3g sodium and I have AT LEAST 1 teaspoon per soup and 1 teaspoon of boullion per soup.

So a typical day with 2 soups means I’m consuming 3.95g of sodium. To convert this to salt you multiply by 2.5. That means I’ve been consuming 9.8g of salt for probably 3-4 days a week for at least the last 6-8 weeks (when I started adding boullion) !! And 6.95g for the other days!

Definitely too much salt.

So this week I’m cutting out all extras to see if it makes any difference. That should get me down to 4-4.5g of salt per day.

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  1. Cutting the sodium will help. Try the low sodium progresso soups - they are quite tasty!
    I like the 0 points WW ones too which also have low sodium. :)