Monday, August 04, 2008

Very strange feeling this weekend

I’ve made a decision not to keep weighing myself every day now as it’s becoming counter productive. Because you need to look at the bigger picture and not daily losses it’s easy to start looking for reasons why on one day you put on 1/4 of a lb and start panicing.

So I weighed myself on Friday morning and wasn’t going to weigh myself again until this morning so all weekend I had this feeling of being bloated and actually felt like I was getting bigger. Convinced I’d done something wrong I was quite anxious when I got on the scales this morning but it was all in my head, I’d lost another 2 lbs.

The challenges are coming thick and fast now, I’ve been to the cinema a few times (you’ve got to see Wall-E and The Dark Knight, both excellent films), and I’ve had the girls on Friday and Today so keeping them entertained without the easy option of a BK or KFC is hard too.

I found out that I always need to have a small pack of tablet sweeteners with me if I want to have tea or coffee while out and about as most places either didn’t have sweetener or only have powdered sweetener. But these are all minor things, on the whole I’m finding the diet very easy at the moment.

On Friday we’re off on our summer camping holiday to Devon for a fortnight so that will probably be the toughest challenge yet. Got to keep drinking the water and I will be going to restaurants with the family and will just keep abstaining, after all it’s not fair that everyone else goes without some nice meals out just because of me.

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