Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A good day today

Today was forecast to be a washout but we woke to broken clouds with teasing glimpses of sun. Although the wind had picked up we decided to chance a day on Woolacombe beach.

We got there just after 10.30 and I was very surprised how busy the beach was. It looked a bit like the camping fields at Glastonbury with all the beach tents everywhere. We added ours to the mix and then guyed it to within an inch of it’s life as there was a constant wind blowing in from the sea (I guess that’s why it’s a popular destination for surfers.

We’d all taken our shortie wet-suits and decided we’d go body boarding. I picked up a couple of boards for me and Katie and the girls already had some. We had a fantastic time.

It’s not as easy as it looks and I managed to go maybe 20 feet max but a few times both Kira and Rhian went 40+ feet all the way into the shore. The water was bitterly cold though and we didn’t last more than an hour or so before lunch.

After lunch I decided to try and fly my 4 metre power kite on the beach. It turned into a hilarious scene of me scudding across the beach on my backside with the kite spiraling out of control as the wind was simply too strong to fly with handles alone.

I could have done with a harness to take some of the strain from my arms and I should have put the kite killers on. Hindsight is great. The problem with just using normal 4 line handles in strong wind is that you’re using all your strength just to hold on so you have nothing in reserve to actually fly and control the kite.

After lunch we had another session on the body boards and I think I over did it as I got to the point where I simply had no energy left at all. That’s one of the problems I’ve had a few times while being on LighterLife. With the very low calories I’m consuming and the lack of carbs or sugar, my body is using my fat reserves for energy but it can’t call on them very quickly. So a gentle walk at a constant pace  is fine but try walking up a hill and you find after  a while you can barely put one leg in front of the other. Today was like that and the short climb (20 metres) to the car park nearly finished me.

I struggled this evening in the restaurant just watching Katie and the girls tucking  into a Turkey roast dinner and really wanted to try some. I didn’t but it’s the hardest I’ve found it so far.

Tonight we’re battening down the hatches so to speak as another bad weather front is coming in with 40mph + winds forecast along with a severe weather warning. Not fun in a tent at all. Oh joys.

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