Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some more weight loss milestones

Despite the relative slow down in weight loss now, I'm averaging 5lbs per week I think, I'm still crossing off milestones.

This week I've become 21st something, lost over 1.5 stones since starting and lost over 7% of my original weight.

A couple of times now I've been thinking of food and longing for something. Last night it was a curry and then just before bed it was "one pringle won't hurt". It was tough to ignore the calling. It is very difficult as food and drink were a big part of my life and socially pretty much everything evolved around food. Take that element away and what are you left with? What have you got to look forward to?

I do feel that I've lost a lot of enjoyment from my life at the moment. I know it's short term an I'm not getting depressed about it but it is tough.

Finally I've settled my water down to 4l per day +/- .5l. My loss has remained constant so I'll drop this to 3.5l per day next week to see what happens. It doesn't help when articles like this just confuse me even more.

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