Thursday, July 10, 2008

LighterLife End of Week 1

Despite the ups and downs, I’ve made it through to the end of week 1 relatively unscathed. The last few days have been much better. The only problem I have a the moment is I’m not sleeping too well and I have a very “busy” mind at the moment. Mostly about weight loss.

I had my week 1 weigh in tonight and total lost was 14.1 lbs for the week so I made it, I lost over a stone in a week! I wasn’t expecting that and I know it’s going to tail off as the first week is losing excess water and glycogen but I’m really pleased with that.

I’m now allowed to use some LighterLife water flavourings and a chewy bar each day instead of a soup or a shake so I get something to chew on and make the water a bit more interesting which in turn will make it easier to drink.

Here are my starting photos which Katie took last Friday morning. I have no idea how Katie took these photo to make me look 6” taller than the door frame, I’m standing in front by maybe a foot and Katie is looking up at me and and it’s a wide angle lens?. I’ve just rushed out and stood next to the door just now to double check I haven’t grown 6” in recent months :-) Very strange perspective.


P1000982 P1000983

On to week 2…

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