Wednesday, July 09, 2008

LighterLife Day 5/6

Yesterday evening was the toughest day so far on LighterLife. I was really tired when I got home and had a 30 minute nap and the whole evening I was quite down and wanting to eat something nice. All sorts of food related thoughts were rushing around my mind. I was battling with “the voices” and kept reminding myself why I was doing it. I was also quite dehydrated with a very dry mouth, despite me drinking my 4 litres of water. I think if I can get to grips with hydration levels I’ll feel a bit better.

It seems that even if you drink 5 or 6 litres a day that may not be enough if you drink it quickly. I think I need to drink smaller quantities but throughout the day. For example, I’ve been drinking from a 750ml water bottle and tend to get through this in an hour. I also have a large coffee mug that holds 500ml, again I get through this in an hour but I’m pretty certain most of that water is passing straight through me as my body can’t absorb water that quickly. Yesterday I had drunk 4.5 litres before leaving work so all I drunk throughout the evening was one cup of coffee. I ended up being so thirsty that I was up at 2am downing a pint of sparkling water..which come straight out within 30 minutes.

Today I’ve been taking my time and although I’ve had 3 mugs of coffee, I’ve only had 1/2 of one bottle of water but I’m sipping from it constantly.

Good news is the weight is still falling off and I lost another 2lbs bringing my total to 12lbs since Friday. Tomorrow is my second weekly weigh in and counselling session and I think I’ll be close to losing 1 stone in a week which is fantastic. After tomorrow I won’t bore everyone by blogging about it every day but try and just do weekly updates on my progress.

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