Tuesday, July 08, 2008

LighterLife Day 4 and 5 and a rant

Yesterday and today have been quite tough with me constantly longing for some flavour and texture in my food. I’ve also been getting some light headed ness while drinking my water. I don’t know if this means I’m drinking too much, too quickly, too little. I’m also noticing just how much food and drink adverts are pushed in our faces.

I’m also getting very frustrated by the health and diet industry as a whole who seem to think no one is over 6’ 6” tall. All the health stats, reports, tools seem to only cope if your 6’6” or less. The BMI calculator on the LighterLife website only goes up to 2m (6’6”) for one.

Apparently a man should not have a waste of more than 37”. Period. No thought to how tall that man is, how they’re built, their fitness or muscle levels.

There are very mixed messages too. Take Lawrence Dallaglio, ex England Rugby player. Apparently he has a BMI of 31 as he’s 18 stone and 6’ 3” but that’s OK as he has a waste of “just” 38" inches. Yes, he’s very fit and mostly muscle but he’s only 6’3”. Are you still telling me someone who’s 5” taller and nowhere near as fit has to have a BMI 20-25 and a waste of 37” or less?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still following my plan of 3st in 3 months and then onto 7st in however long it takes but I think the journey and the targets are easier to set if there was some consistency and realisation in the world that people are getting taller and have been for years.

Anyway, the good news is that I went to a mid-week drop in last night and my official loss so far is 7.4lbs since starting on Friday. My body is also well into ketosis.

I’m still weighing myself at home every morning and this morning these said 22st, 10.5lbs which is 10lbs lost, or an average of 2lbs per day. I think I’m coming out of the “Honeymoon Period” now and the weight loss will start to slow significantly so the motivation factor diminishes. But onwards and downwards….


  1. So Steve, next time I see you will I recognise you?

    I always had a problem with guidelines, etc. For my height I am meant to be 11st 4. I was about 12 last time I was that weight. I am overweight, but I have also always been very heavy, even when I was slimmer.

    It's how you feel that counts and you seem to be going in the right direction.

  2. Hi,

    I have found a new calculator for BMI for Tall poeple....hope it helps.

    Definition of a tall person is over 6'2" I think.

    normal BMI is worked out as the following....
    height(squared) divided by weight.
    for Tall people it should be....
    height(power of 2.2) divided by weight.

    I am 6'4" but and have never fitted on or within the general tables so believing BMI as being even close to accurate was a little bit of a push so I looked around and found the above.

    Anyway, good luck.