Sunday, July 06, 2008

LighterLife – Day 1 & 2 Review

I started this program fully expecting the first few days to be very hard, however I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Apart from a few rumbles early Friday afternoon and a few early yesterday evening, I’ve not really felt hungry at all.

That doesn’t mean to say I’ve not been thinking about food a lot of the time, I have..a lot! But I guess this is the problem I need to over come long term. Seeing food everywhere at home, on TV, in magazines makes it harder, however I need to face it to overcome my addiction.

The meal packs are ok, nothing special but not unpleasant. The shakes are nice mixed with some crushed ice to thicken them up and the soups are nice with a splash of tabasco to liven them up. But I’m already thinking I need something to crunch or chew so am looking forward to getting next weeks packs when they introduce some bars to the pot.

So I’ve not been hungry, I’m downing still and sparkling water likes there’s no tomorrow and have managed over 5 litres both days. I’m keeping myself busy and actually went swimming with the girls yesterday morning. I had a slight headache last night which I believe is down to carbohydrate withdrawal so took an ibuprofen.

This morning I had a sour taste in my mouth which might be an indication that I’m now in ketosis so I’ll need to invest in some breath spray as this is one of the side effects you get warned about.

So what’s been the effect on my weight so far? 6 lbs lost in 2 days! Bloody hell! Now I know weight fluctuates daily and I will lose more in the first week than at any other time but you have to agree it’s a good motivator. This morning I put on a 2XL T-shirt I haven’t worn for about 6 months, it feels good.

Today is the first real challenge, going round to some friends for lunch and abstaining while they all eat. I know can do it, but it’s going to be hard (can you put on weight just by smelling food?! ;-) )


  1. Im thinking of starting this, how you doing now months later?

  2. I want to start this, how you doing now months later?

  3. Doing well - over 8st lost in total

  4. thats amazing. I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks and mild depression too I have been off my tablets for 2 months now and havent had an attatck for 3 months (and then it was minor)and before then I hadn't had one in a year (I used to get them quite a few times a day - everyday, almost every hour.
    I am worried that this may affect them as your body feels differently and u go through different stages - how have yours been? Obviously I wont stop lighterlife because of it, just wondered what to expect. By the way - congratulations - thats amazing. x