Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lighter Life – End Of Week 2

It’s been a much better week this week and I think I’m definitely used to the meal packs now. The down side is that the weight loss has tailed right off now to normal, more sustainable amounts. I'm still not sure how much water I should be drinking and this week it has varied from 3.5l to 6.5l. I assumed I had a dry mouth because I was thirsty, oh no, that’s a side effect of ketosis too :-) I think I’ll stick with 4l a day and see what happens.

This weekend will be a challenge as we’re camping with a large group of friends from Friday evening to Sunday and it’s usually a very social affair with lots of communal eating and drinking. Someone suggested this evening that instead of keeping out of the way when the breakfast fry up is being cooked I should get in there and cook it myself and then feel smug when I just give it all away. I might try that.

Tonights weight was 22st 3 lbs which is a further loss of 5.7 lbs. Total lost to date is 1 stone 5.8 lbs (19.8 lbs), not bad for 2 weeks work. Apparently the average loss for men on LighterLife is 1.5 stone (21 lbs) every 4 weeks so I’m well ahead of that at the moment.

The other positive aspects are that I’ve now lost 5% of my original weight and have already dropped 2 BMI points. My LighterLife Counsellor (LLC) said tonight that the recommended BMI for a man is actually 27 and a max waist size of 36”. That’s quite good news as that means I have a stone less to lose any only need to get down to 17 stone 7 lbs to get a BMI of 26.9


  1. Hi Steve,

    good to hear you are doing well. I am starting LL in about a week so, if you don't mind I will pop back later and see how you are getting on.



  2. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Hi Steve

    how is it going now? I have just completed week 1 losing 8pounds in my first week. Since i told people i was doing this i have had some really negative feedback but there are just so many blogs from women and few men.