Thursday, July 31, 2008

Half way through LighterLife Foundation

Week 4 weigh in was tonight and I can’t believe I’m halfway through the foundation already, it’s gone so quickly.

This week has been pretty easy I think and the meal packs are just a way of life now. I struggled a bit on Sunday when we were at Brands Hatch watching the World Touring Cars as it was so hot and there was no shade at all.

I took 3 litres of water with me and had drunk most of it before noticing I wasn’t spending all the time in the loo as normal. This time it was coming out of my pores, I got quite hot and dizzy at one point. It was frustrating as there was nowhere with plain drinking water from a tap either.

We had our measurements done today as well so here are my week 4 stats:

Chest: 46” (-4” in 4 weeks)
Waist: 47” (-3” in 4 weeks)
Hips: 49” (-2” in 4 weeks)

Weight loss: 4.5 lbs (total lost so far: 31.3 lbs or 2 stone 3.3 lbs)

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