Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just 2 days to go now..

The weather forecast doesn't look promising so I've had a panic last minute purchase of some new biking trousers that were supposed to turn up today but, thanks to Business Post giving my parcel to a newbie, it's now back at the depot in Thatcham. So it's a good job I've taken tomorrow afternoon off as I now have to drive 30 minutes out of my way to collect them!

My normal gear of kevlar biking jeans and some waterproof overtrousers doesn't really seem up to 9 days of rain, which is what we may end up with.

I've also bought some crash bars for the bike. Had a crap week with lots of things going wrong so better safe than sorry, these should protect the side of the bike in the event of a spill or if I'm stupid enough to drop the bike. Garan helped me fit these last night.

Washing's been done today and tomorrow afternoon will be packing it all, filling up with petrol and generally any last minute preparation. We're leaving Garans at about 10am on Saturday.

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