Friday, May 09, 2008

Day 7 - The Wall and the rain

We came down from Fort William to Ayr today and left Fort William in brilliant warm sunshine but after about an hour it clouded over and then started raining. Just before this I hit what I can only describe as the "wall". This was where I was feeling uncomfortable and generally fed up with riding. I'd had enough, we hit traffic, rubbish roads and had to hunt around for petrol. I'd also discovered that I'd squared off my rear tyre after just 6800 miles. During this period I was feeling really fed up.

However, we stopped for lunch and I was fine after that. Even though the rain continued this afternoon we were fine although there was a marked increase in the traffic. The sun made an appearance as we were coming into Ayr.

I was a little concerned about my rear tyre until I looked online and found that others have also worn out their rear tyres in similar mileages due to heavy loads and lots of  motorway riding. So it's fine for the time being but I'll get it replaced when I get home.

Total mileage so far is 1576 miles.

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