Sunday, April 13, 2008

They say bad things come in 3's

I'm not superstitious normally but I would like to know why we've now got another death to deal with.

Sid, one of our cats (bought shortly after Katie's Dad, Colin died) was found dead on a neighbours drive this morning, he was 10 months old. We can only presume he'd been hit by a car. We've now got to see if we can get the vets to cremate him as I don't want to bury him in the garden.

This is really sad as he was a lovely cat with a fantastic temperament. Katie and the Girls are extremely upset and strangely I'm more angry than anything. Our road is becoming very busy with drivers going down it at ridiculous speeds at all times of the day, I think something has to be done. A baseball bat seems very tempting right now.

We're all supposed to be going to the cinema this afternoon, tickets already bought and paid for but I'm not sure anyone's in the mood now.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that your family cat has died. Yeah, sometime, they (the drivers) do deserve some baseball bat.