Sunday, April 27, 2008

T- Minus 6 Days..

6 days to go and the preparations are hotting up. I was over at Garan's this morning wiring in my PMR radio and fitting an external antenna. I also took the opportunity to tidy up some of the wiring to eliminate some interference. I think I just have to accept that unless I put everything inside a lead box I'm going to get some interference. The electrics on the V-Strom seem very "noisy" with quite a bit of alternator buzz. I've removed most of it with an audio suppressor lead, careful unit placing and some adhesive foil tape for some makeshift shielding.

So now I have GPS and MP3 tunes via my Zumo, paired with my phone via bluetooth all connected to an Autocom unit, connected to a PMR radio with a press to talk switch on the handlebars.I did some radio checks on my way home and managed the best part of a mile from his house before the signal broke up which we've never got before. Still nowhere near the advertised 3 miles.

I was in two minds whether to take the bike out today as it was pouring with rain when I was ready to go but I can't be put off by a bit of rain if we're going to actually get any riding done in Scotland so all the waterproofs went on and I got 2 minutes from home and it stopped :-)

This afternoon I've got my panniers laid out and started to pack a few of the bike bits such as chain, visor wipes. ear plugs and disc lock etc. I also packed the liners for by bike jacket, and glove liners and thick gloves which normally take up a huge amount of room but I've discovered Pack-Mate roll bags. These have a one way valve allowing air to be squeezed out so your items take up much less room. Lakeland have 25% off when you buy two Pack-Mate packs.

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