Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Some good money saving sites

It seems that anything and everything is getting more expensive these days but I've found a few website's recently that help save a few pennies here and there.

Firstly, anyone living in the UK currently knows that our fuel prices are going through the roof with no sign of easing up. is a useful site that apparently gets 8000 updates a day with petrol prices at garages all over the UK. Just enter your postcode and it will return the cheapest fuel price near you. If you sign up (for free) you can get a weekly email with the latest prices. It's worth looking around, in my area the price varies by 5p per litre on diesel, with my car that could be a saving of £3.50 per tankful.

Money Saving Expert

The next site is a bit more general and covers everything from mortgages and credit cards to mobile phones or cheap glasses. is another free site with a weekly email newsletter that is packed with hints an tips for a financial make-over. Martin Lewis, who runs the site has been on lots of TV shows offering financial advice and there is a ton of useful info on the website. Where to get the best electricity price? best cashback credit card? all updated daily.

Hot UK Deals

The final site has actually ended up costing me money but that's because I'm a sucker for a bargain. gets about 40-50 updates a day from anyone who's signed up for a free account to announce a bargain they've found either online or in a shop. They post it online and other members get to vote it hot or cold depending on how good a bargain it is. Everything is covered from the price of baked beans to cheap DVDs or special offers. With this site it's worth signing up to the RSS feed a not all the bargains will be relevant to you and an RSS reader will make skimming the info a lot easier.

As an example I managed to get a digital microscope for Kira's birthday for £29.99 on offer from Amazon when the list price was £79.99. I've saved money on DVD's, memory cards and even torches.

As the man from the supermarket says.."every little helps"

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