Friday, April 25, 2008

Scotland Motorbike Trip - Just over a week to go

I'm getting quite excited about our motorbike trip now and we leave about 09:30 a week tomorrow. I've made a packing list that I think is miles too long and even though I have a massive top box and 2 panniers I'm not sure where everything is going to go. I've also go a few little jobs to do on the bike before we go.

Fuelling .. again!

The motorbike was back at Dynotech in Basingstoke yesterday to try and find out why there was a strong smell of petrol coming from under the saddle when the bike was running and see if they could see why my fuel consumption had increased. I was pretty sure Mott Motorcycles had screwed it up at the last service when they took it upon themselves to tinker and make it "run a bit richer". It's never been the same since and they had it back once to fix it but  failed and they won't get their hands on my bike again.

Dynotech found out that the breather hose was not connected to the fuel tank so that accounted for the petrol smell and they zero'd out the changes made by Mott's. They then re-dyno'd it and confirmed is was generating exactly the same traces as when it was dyno'd last summer. They also stripped the tank right off and checked the fuel injectors and air filter, all seemed to be in order.

This weekend I've got to fit my PMR radio to my bike and wire it in so it's powered from the bike and becomes one less thing for me to carry around. Plus I've found out the autocom unit is not shielded at all so my interference seems to be related to the position of the unit itself and moving around to different positions may help.

My biggest concern at the moment though is the petrol strike at the Grangemouth Refinery that is likely to cause havoc with fuel supplies. I just hope it's cleared up by the time we get up there otherewise I'll be adding a fuel can to my luggage as well.


We've got a total of 9 days riding from May 3rd to May 11th covering about 1300 miles.



  1. Home To Darlington
  2. Darlington to Perth
  3. Perth to Drumnadrochit
  4. Drumnadrochit to Tongue
  5. Tongue to Portree (Skye)
  6. Portree to Fort William
  7. Fort William to Ayr
  8. Ayr to Knutsford
  9. Knutsford to Home

We've got routes planned and have booked the accommodation at the end of each day but ultimately we can go anywhere we fancy.

I'm hoping to be able to blog and upload photos while on the journey too using my Asus Eee PC laptop and bluetooth adapter with my mobile phone but I guess that all depends on the reliability of any mobile phone networks is some of the farther reaches.. is 3G available?

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