Sunday, April 06, 2008

I earnt £60 from Quidco

The day after my previous post on Quidco they published an offer on their blog related to the Grand National. Basically you had to sign up to a gambling site, and deposit at least £10. In return you'd get £50 cashback. No catch.

So I did this. I deposited £10 using a debit card, I also had to do an age verification check, this could be done by post or by a £2 deposit from a credit card. So I had £12 in my betfair account and as I know nothing about betting or horse racing I put £2 each on the top 6 horses.

Within about 20 minutes the £50 cashback was being tracked on my quidco account.

I watched the race yesterday with great interest and was very excited when one of my horses came in first earning £22.50 + my £2 stake.

So take away the original £12 deposit and I'd make another £10 or so which together with the £50 from quidco wasn't too bad for doing virtually nothing.

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