Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Funeral

Today is the 6th month anniversary of Katie's Dads funeral and unfortunately we marked the occasion with another funeral. This time it was Katie's Grandad, her Dads dad.

He'd been ill for a while and it was only just before he died that they discovered a large tumour in his stomach. He noticeably went down hill since Colin died but we managed to go and see him a few times and saw him just 2 weeks before he died on February 24th.

The service today was nice but I think it bought back some painful memories for Katie, her Mum and her sister, especially as the coffin was the same bamboo style as Colin had. One of the first things Ken (Katie's Grandad) said after Colin's funeral was that was the type of coffin he wanted.

Ken was in the RAF during the war and was a navigator flying Lancaster's and a nice touch was the theme from The Dam Busters playing as we left the church

There's been too much death in the family recently so let's hope things are more positive and look forward to some more happier times coming.

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