Friday, February 15, 2008

GPS Really Is A Godsend

I'm writing this entry sitting in a Hoseasons lodge in New Milton in Hampshire, watching the sun go down on a very crisp February evening.

I got here very relaxed despite having to tackle the Friday evening traffic and having to get somewhere I've never been before. Every journey to somewhere new is like that these days. All I do is spend a few minutes checking where we're going and inputting it into my Garmin Zumo and then trusting it. Sure it may not always take the best route but it has yet to fail me.

If I know an area, I may take advantage of local knowledge but other times I just go where I'm told. I use common sense where needed too. This is much better than arguing over directions or map reading, everyone wins.

I've been using GPS navigation systems in one form or another for about 6 years now and think it is one of the best technologies of the 21st century... so far.

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