Saturday, January 12, 2008

1st Week Back At Work

Phew! that's the first week at work over and it wasn't too bad. We're very busy at work and a man down but everyone in my department is chipping in a helping out which makes life much easier.

We've also started booking some holidays this week as well. We found out last year that if we had something to look forward to at the end of January, it made the dark damp days of January slightly more manageable. This year we've booked a lodge near the Solent for a long weekend in the middle of February and we're all looking forward to that. The last few days have been so wet and miserable it really isn't surprising that lots of people struggle in January.

Motorbike Trip 2007

Garan and I have been tentatively planning a bike trip for a few months for this year and we've finally committed to it and booked the time off for that too. Were going to be riding around mainland UK in the first week of May and visiting the extremeties. In nine days we'll visit Lowestoft in the east, Dunnet Head in the north, Land's End in the west and Lizard Point in the south, a total of about 2,300 miles.

Here's the route:

bike tour 2007

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