Friday, December 21, 2007

Woo Hoo - 2 Weeks Off!

I finished work yesterday afternoon for the Christmas break and am not returning to work until Monday 7th Jan 2008 - that's over 2 weeks off! You wait, there'll be a blog post on the 6th saying where the heck did those 2 weeks go.

I think we're all prepared for the big day and apart from one final session at the local supermarket late tonight there's no more shopping either. Christmas really starts in our house tomorrow with Katie's Sister, daughter and partner and Katie's Mum coming over for food in the afternoon, then we've got an open house on Sunday afternoon. Christmas Eve is quiet so far and we're hoping to get two final Christmas presents delivered.

Christmas Day is at home with some friends and Katie's Mum over for dinner with me cooking the meal again, Turkey with all the trimmings.

Then next week is the usual fare of visiting friends and family and eating and drinking too much.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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