Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tickety Boo!

Katie, Myself, Garan and Jen went to see Billy Connolly at the Bournemouth International Centre last night and I haven't laughed so much for a very long time.

You can see very quickly why he's been so successful, he doesn't pander to political correctness and says what's on his mind but most of all he's just a very very good story teller.

He has an ability to allow his stories to go off on tangents onto other funny stories and then 20 minutes later jump back to where he started and you just get drawn in, more often then not laughing out loud because you've just seen where the story is going.

He was on for 2 hours with no interval and didn't stop at all and the whole audience were in stitches. Today, my face muscles are still aching from laughing so much. Highly recommended.

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