Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We had to make another difficult decision

Last night Katie, myself, Rhian and Kira all went to the funeral home to see Colin one last time and allow everyone to say their goodbyes. We did this after lot's of discussion and soul searching as we didn't know how the girls would react or even if it was appropriate.

However, Rhian and Kira had both asked if they could see him as they didn't feel they had the chance to say goodbye properly when they saw him last and also the last time they saw him he was very upset.

We took the advice of the funeral directors and they said it's no problem to have Colins coffin open or closed and in the end Katie went first earlier in the day with her Mum and her Sister and decided it was fine.

And it was. He looked very peaceful, just sleeping, and although the girls were very upset it was because they were actually saying "Goodbye Grampy". We were given all the time we needed and the girls and Katie took it in turns to spend a few minutes alone with him to say their personal goodbyes.

They each slipped personal messages into his pockets for him to take with him and read.

Today's going to be a very tough day.

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