Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out With The Old, In With The New

Our 8 year old Ford Galaxy has gone to a new home. She has served us well for just over 7 years and had clocked up over 126,500 miles but was starting to show signs of age with creaks and groans cropping up and was also looking a bit tatty.


But she had been very reliable which is why, back at the beginning of July I put in an order for a brand new Ford Galaxy. I went for new as I negotiated a nice discount of £5,300 and plan on keeping the car for a good few years again.

It's been a long 3 months but I picked up the new car on Monday and apart from some minor issues I'm quite pleased with it (not had it long enough to become a she yet!)


As you can see, it's a completely new model and I gave into environment pressure and opted for a diesel manual version. The model I went for was the 2.0 Ghia TDCi. So far this seems to have paid off with average fuel consumption being 37mpg as opposed to 23mpg that the old one returned. This equates to 18p per mile for the old car and 12p per mile for the new one at current fuel prices (95.9p for unleaded and 97.9p for diesel). The old car had a range of about 350 miles, the new one has a theoretical range of 550+ miles. So as you can see, although the new car will cost more to fill up each time, it will get me significantly further, I estimate a saving of about £36 with every tankful.

I was also very surprised how quickly I sold the old car. I put a very detailed ad onto ebay yesterday lunchtime detailing every little bump and blemish as well as all the features and options and I had an email within 1 minute!

We haggled for a bit on the phone and eventually I accepted a reasonable offer as I was keen to sell it quickly. He came round yesterday afternoon and did try and haggle even more but I stood my ground. He paid cash and took it away.

As I said before the new car has a minor issue with one of the electric windows and a split in the boot seal which will be looked at soon. This will be the true test of a dealer, the service you receive is what counts. So, Gowrings Ford of Basingstoke, so far the sales process has been good, let's see you follow this up with some good customer service.

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