Sunday, August 12, 2007

Problem with sap..

We had a nice day out in Lynmouth today and managed to avoid most of
the rain. Lynmouth is a lovely village that has rebuilt itself
following devastating floods in 1952 in which 34 people died.

We took a ride up the cliff top railway which uses water to pull a
train up a 1:1.75 slope.

We then followed a lovely road, the A59 back towards Porlock. This
road climbs to over 400m and has some spectacular views over the
Bristol channel.

We had a problem when we got back to the campsite though. Where the
overnight rain had now dried, we noticed the tent was covered in
sticky tree sap washed down from the oak tree above us.

We agreed that the tent would be ruined if we didn't do anything so we
did what had to be done, we moved pitch. We then had to scrub as much
of the sap off as possible. I'm now suffering with a strained back
again but it needed to be done.

We have just seen the weather for the next few days and apparently we're
in for 30mph winds on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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