Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Magical mystery tour

We took a drive out to Combe Martin today to visit the dinosaur and
wildlife centre. On the way we had one of those moments where I
thought I knew better than the GPS and ignored an instruction and
ended up taking about 7 miles of the narrowest country lanes I've ever
driven on. At one point my wing mirrors were hitting the hedgerow on
both sides at the same time.

We went through some pretty spectacular scenery but it was quite hairy
at points with a couple of hundred foot drop on one side.

The park itself was a bit of a disappointment, it was very steeply
banked and was spread out a lot with a lot of walking required to get

I think it could also do with some money being spent so it lives up to
the glossy brochure, parts of it were tatty and other parts were over
too quick.

We waited over 30 minutes to see a sea lion show that barey lasted 10
minutes and 25 minutes to see a laser and light "spectacular show"
that lasted 7 minutes and was little more than a set of disco lights
and a smoke machine.

Perhaps we've been spoilt in recent years but I'm used to visiting
attractions where you get your moneys worth. Yesterday, we visited
Tropiquaria, again, it didn't live up to the gloss of the brochure.

The whole site was very tatty, the animal enclosures were very small
and scruffy and the animals themselves looked bored stiff. The only
saving grace was the fact we all got to hold a tarantula and a boa

Still, the Exmoor scenery is stunning and makes the drives worthwhile.

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