Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ups and Downs with the Xbox 360

We purchased Guitar Hero 2 for the xbox last weekend and have been having a ton of fun playing it and have wasted hours doing our Rock God impersonations. It's easily the best game I've played so far, it's easy to get into and anyone can play it. Even Rhian and Kira can hold their own on the easy levels. There's even some new downloadable tracks, including "Ace of Spades"!

However there is a downside, the console has had enough. It's started locking and crashing and is now completely unusable :-( I briefly tackled the Microsoft support line but they were very unhelpful once I eventually got through.

I know it's the console and not the games as it's done in in 3 different games now. While searching the net trying to work out my options I stumbled upon lots of recommendations for GT Electronics in Scotland. They seem to have a lot of positive recommendations

So I'm going to pack up my console and send it up there and hope for the best. I'll update with the results soon. I'll be without a console so I hope they fix it quickly.

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