Monday, February 26, 2007

3 Days To Go.....

I pick up my new motorbike on Thursday. I gave in to the bigger is best temptation and have upgraded my bike from a DL-650 to a DL-1000GT.

It will be a March 1st registration so will be on a nice new 07 plate. I'm keeping the after market screen and seat from my old bike and moving these across.

I had to bring the bike in today to get a couple of other things moved between bikes and I'd forgotten how small the OEM screen is and how uncomfortable the OEM saddle is! It was VERY windy and noisy, strangely I now know why the vents in my helmet are useless. With the larger screen they don't get a constant flow of air. I had no issues at all with my visor fogging up today ;-)

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