Saturday, January 20, 2007

Amazing technology

Very rarely do I get to play with a bit of kit that impresses me these days but recently I've had the pleasure of trying out some HomePlug network adapters. These allow you to run an normal ethernet network over your existing mains powerlines that we all have running in our houses.

I was a little sceptical as it's supposed to be just plug and play and in my experience nothing is ever that simple but I have to admit these are. We have a few spots in our hosue that my current wireless network just can't deal with consistently and I was looking at spending a fortune on wireless extenders to rectify this but I found a few reviews of some Solwise 85mbps HomePlug adapters that were all very favourable. A quick check on ebay an I'd bought 2 adapters for £28 each. And they just work! Nice strong signal (even with the poor wiring in our house

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