Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tall Tax

I've just realised I'm being taxed just because I'm tall. It's not an offical Tall Tax but I'm affected by it, in a way that average height people or short people are not.
What is this Tall Tax I hear you ask? ..

Car Tax.? The wonderful British Road Fund Licence! Whatever you want to call it.

Over the last few years there has been a change of focus in the UK and I'm sure the rest of the world whereby if you drive a big gas guzzling car, especially a 4x4 (SUV for my international audience), then you are tagged as an enemy of the environment. Armies of people with too much time on their hands actively seek out SUVs (parked usually because they are too scared to face a real person) and put flyers on the windscreens telling them what a bad person they are for driving such a terrible type of vehicle.

I've sat idly by watching this until this week when I got the Tax renewal through for my motorbike, £62 for the year. I was pleasantly surprised how cheap (relatively) it was compared to my car which is I think about £175.

I have to drive a physically big car (I currently drive a 1999 Ford Galaxy, a 7 seater MPV). This has enough headroom for me and just enough legroom. With the drivers seat all the way back for me you can still get someone in the seat behind me which is very unusual. It's also a tall car, meaning I just sit in it rather than dropping into it.

Over the years I've driven many cars, all of them too small in one way or another and I'm sure they've contributed over the years to the back problems I currently face. I'm now looking at replacing my current car some time next year and would love to get an economical car, with low Co2 emssisons but this is simply not possible. The cars that are the right size for me will have larger engines, higher fuel consumption and higher Co2 emissions.

Current rates:

Because of my height I have to pay a higher rate of Car Tax. How exactly is that fair?

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  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Hi Steve, My name is Tim and I'm just slightly shorter than you at 6'7". I hear where you're coming from.

    Because we are Tall, we need a larger car. And therefore are hit with the first Tall tax. Then you need more fuel to burn in your larger car on which you pay more tax. You can't buy a 'green' car because they are just too small. You can't, even if you wanted to, use public transport, because the seats are just too small, and there's just no headroom when you try and stand up.

    There's also the stealth tall tax, which comes in the form of clothes. You can't buy regular clothes from a regular shop, I'm guessing, so you end up paying inflated prices for tall clothes, Because you pay VAT on your clothes, and because you're paying more for your clothes, you pay more VAT. There again you are paying another tall tax.

    I guess when you eat, like me, you eat a healthy portion. Although not a tax as such, yet again us tall uns end up paying more than your regular height person.

    What else is there. Legroom on your flight. Does it cost more? Do regular people NEED to buy it?

    I'm sure there are more, but that's my rant over with for now anyway.

    Cheers steve and good luck.