Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We've been in Denver now for 4 days and I've still...

We've been in Denver now for 4 days and I've still not got my body clock in sync with US Mountain time and keep waking up at 3am every day.

The weather is very strange here too with it turning from 18c to -3c within 24 hours and there's still some snow lying around from a big fall they had last week even though there's been a few days of 18-19c temps.

We're apparently nearly a mile above sea level here with some amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. The air is very dry too and I found myself wheezing a bit for the first few days.

The work is going well, it was a little slow yesterday morning with some teething problems but that's to be expected with a project of this size. Today was much more productive. I even had time to take my camera outside the office at lunch time and some pictures of the amazing scenery. P1020864




And there are even some local prarie dogs


And everything they say about American portions is true. Regular coke = 1L cup. We went to a mexican restaurant tonight and had the most enormous portions and yet it is still so cheap to eat.

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