Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Only two days left

we come home on friday so only have two full days of our holiday left. The last few days have been quite busy with us finally getting the boat in the water.

yesterday we took it up the river dart and did some crabbing at Stoke Gabriel and then went for a blast along the coast to Tor Cross. Top speed was 16 knots and we covered about 16 nautical miles.

Today we took the boat to a nice beach near Thurlestone called South Milton. We managed to get some time jumping in and out of the boat and fully appreciated our wet suits. Unfortunately the rain came in and washed out the rest of the afternoon. Bringing the boat back up the beach was much harder than taking it down.

Weather doesn't look too good for tomorrow either so we may take a trip to Paignton zoo.

When we get home I'm going to book some tickets for the Southampton boat show as I'm going to invest in some launching wheels to fit to the back of the boat, plus it's my annual chance to dream of getting a bigger boat.

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