Sunday, July 30, 2006


We managed to at last get the boat out this weekend after a few weeks of either being busy or having unsuitable weather. I'd forgotten just how much fun we have on it too.

I knew the weather yesterday for Southampton was supposed to cloud over late morning so at 07:00 as it was sunny and we were all awake we decided to make an early start and had the boat in the water by 09:00. It was a glorious morning and we got about 2hrs on the boat before the clouds came over.

I was quite surprised but the new engine we bought last year seems to go much better now that I've removed the fins that are supposed to help it plane. We manage to get it to plane at about 6.5 knots and it easily went up to 15 knots on calm water with all 4 of us in it. Even in the slightly rougher open sea we hit 13 knots and it was happily planing along the top and bouncing over the waves.

I'm glad it's had a workout as we're taking it on holiday with us again in 2 weeks to Devon so I needed to be sure everything was working properly and the boat didn't have any leaks.

I'd still love a slightly bigger boat but we've have nowhere to keep it and having to lug a trailer around makes it much more hassle. Being able to throw the boat on the roof is a big bonus. Mind you not having to lug around an outboard would do wonders for my back....hmmm :-)

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