Thursday, June 08, 2006

Here we go again

I lost 3.5stone in 2004. I did this using weightwatchers but it was very hard work and since then have managed to put it all back on.

I've been working over the last few weeks on lifestyle changes that will hopefully put me back on track. I currently weigh 23st 1lb and have a 44" waist. I'm going to get this down (slowly!) to 18stone and a 38" waist.

To do this I have to watch what I eat and excercise more (DUH!). Sounds easy but as anyone who's dieted in the past knows, that isn't the case.

The first thing I need to do is to stop calling it a diet. It isn't, it's a change for life. I'm going to do everything I can and ask that anyone that knows me also helps. The best thing you can do is stop offering me bad things as my willpower is very weak. But any encouragement you can offer will be much appreciated too.

I found this link which is very useful:

So my target is to lose 71 lbs and 6" off my waist. I'm going to take measurements and before photos and hopefully chart my progress.

Here goes.....

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